How Can Coffee Help Your Workout ?

Coffee is one such beverage that has got something for everyone and maybe that's why it is the most popular beverage after tea. For children, it has coffee with ice cream, for old aged, it has hot coffee, for coffee enthusiasts it has bold blend coffee and for young gym lovers there are other coffee variants such as green coffee, dark roast coffee made out of dark roast coffee beans.

Recently two variants of coffee have gained a huge fan following, namely bold blend coffee and dark roast coffee beans. The former is an interesting mix of various types of coffee meant to acquire a particular taste, which you can't get otherwise. However, with the latter i.e the dark roast coffee beans, it is mostly used by people who want to do no compromise with their fitness.

Which coffee helps?

The green coffee beans, dark roast coffee beans and black coffee beans are those coffee beans whose coffees are mostly used by fitness freaks who love to hit the gym daily. There was a study in America where it was observed that 15% of the top athletes do include coffee in their workout routine. As per the study, it helps them focus and perform better.

Let's explore some of the facts as to why coffee is so popular amongst gym lovers and how it helps as a pre-workout.

How does Coffee help as pre-workout?

Caffeine is known to be one of the strongest supplements out there. There is numerous research talking about its effectiveness and safety. There are mainly four reasons why caffeine makes work out better:

  • It gives more energy. The energy here refers to the alertness created in the mind due to consuming caffeine. This creation of alertness directly impacts the central nervous system in the human body. It works by blocking certain receptors for epinephrine, adrenaline and dopamine. This gives you the kind of drive that you need for your workout.
  • The second reason is caffeine increases strength. The research done about caffeine clearly shows that one dose can increase muscle strength. More strength means more force that you can use in your workout and make it better.
  • The next reason why caffeine is a great pre-workout drink is it induces endurance. It decreases your perception of fatigue. There are various ways in which caffeine increases endurance. First and foremost it helps in burning fat during workouts. Another way caffeine boosts endurance is by increasing levels of nitric oxide. Researchers show that caffeine can bring about vessel dilation. This means that you are getting more blood flow into your muscles. More blood flows into muscles further means more oxygen, more nutrients and hence more endurance.
  • Another very important reason for having caffeine as a pre-workout is it refuges muscle pain. It is even better than ibuprofen for helping in muscle pain. The less muscle pain, the harder you can go on training yourself.

Pro tip:-

Make sure that you drink coffee at least 30-45 min before your workout.  If you are training yourself for some kind of sport then never try caffeine for the first time before an actual sports competition. Always make sure that you try it for the first time before a practice session to see how it affects you and your workout.


Coffee is a great pre-workout beverage that helps you in strengthening your body by introducing various chemical changes in your body. Coffee comes with great benefits but never over consume it. Remember, over consumption of anything can be harmful.

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