Let's Learn Aeropress

Evoragreens is one of the key budding names in the world of coffee and it has soon gained popularity due to the fact that the products are uniquely flavored such as cinnamon coffee, honey coffee and all of them are available in an affordable range. They are a perfect blend of health and innovation and are customer’s first choice. At evoragreens, we dive deep into various brewing techniques and one such technique is Aeropress. This is a new but fairly popular kid on the block.

What is Aeropress ?

This is one of the most famous Aeropress technique and the most delightful technique about this aeropress brewer is you can isolate the delights of your brewer and play with them a little more. Aeropress is the youngest invention in the coffee world and was invented and released only in 2005, but it has come to be a global phenomenon. It’s everywhere around the world and is hugely successful. It was invented in 2005 by Alan Eddler. This actually was result of not being able to get a good single cup out of coffee domestic brewer.


There are certain steps that you need to follow in order t get the desired kind of coffee from this aeropress and they are as follows:-

  • Push plunger out of chamber.
  • Put filter in filter cap.
  • Twist filter cap onto chamber
  • Stand Chamber on sturdy mug.
  • Put one rounded scoop of fine drip grind coffee in chamber.
  • Shake to level coffee.
  • Add water upto the number 1 marking on the chamber.
  • Should be 80 degrees C water for hot water brewing.
  • Stir for about 10 seconds for hot brewing.
  • Insert plunger and press gently, pause when you feel resistance until plunger reaches ground.
  • Remove filter cap and push plunger to eject filter coffee and rinse seal.

Brew temperature used here is different from what most people recommend and that’s what actually makes it a good coffee. With aeropress you can brew it in millions of different ways. There are infinite possibilities with this brewer as it’s a hybrid of percolation and immersion. This brewer lets you take individual components of a brewing recipe, dose, amount of water, brew temperature, brew time, agitation and even pressure and play with them individually.


The design on the front of Aeropress has changed a lot over the years. In the initial products there were different sized bubbles from one, two three and four. Next, it was shifted to circles with number markings to give you an idea to see how much water you can roughly put it in. But, the roughness of this again adds and there’s no need for extreme precision in this brewer. In the modern and latest version, all of the marking stuff is now in red. There was a version, when it was in gold before. There was a version where it was in blue to start with.

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