Dip Coffee is the futuristic ready-to-go coffee which can be used anytime anywhere. Inspired from the concept of tea bag and re-engineered for coffee just to get that perfect cup on the go. No equipment is required - just place the bag in a cup, pour hot water and let it soak.

The ideal time is around 5 minutes. However, the longer the longer you wait the stronger it gets. You may adjust the timing as per your taste requirement.

Well you can re-use it but we wont recommend this.

It is a very simple process - just steep the bag in 500ML of cold water and leave it sleep overnight. Then sip the coffee next day in the morning.

12-24 hours. The longer it is soaked, the stronger the coffee.

One bag yields 3-5 glasses of Cold Brew

Cold Brew is the process of soaking ground coffee in room temperature/cold water for anywhere between 12-24 hours. The cold brew method is rich in taste, smooth in flavour, high in caffeine and less acidic as compared to hot brew.

No. Each bag is designed for single use.

Chicory is the root of the endive plant; endive is a leaf vegetable enjoyed both cooked and raw, often in salads. It was brewed for centuries as a substitute for coffee, and is now beloved for the natural, subtle sweetness it adds.

Yes! We are constantly striving towards having our products be a 100% biodegradable. Your used coffee filters and grounds are perfect to throw in the compost bin and the outer foil of each packet is recyclable!

Please reach out to us at info@evoragreens.com for any bulk/office inquiries.

Email us at info@evoragreens.com to discuss partnership opportunities.

We do not provide free samples. If you would like to try our coffee, we have various Trial Packs available to help you choose a favourite.

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