What Are The Right Coffee Brewing Ratios

Though there is a huge variety of coffee available in the market from instant to signature blend coffee, however, some questions remain vaguely answered. No matter if you are a fan of instant coffee or signature blends, some parameters such as coffee to water ratio needs to be perfect to achieve that desirable taste. And every coffee variant including instant coffee and the signature blend has to be made with the perfect ratio.

How much coffee should I use to brew a cup of coffee? What is the right amount of water to be used? These are some of the most common questions often asked by coffee enthusiasts. In this article, we will answer the same in three different stages. We will also see why a certain ratio is recommended.

Why Only gms per litre?

There are several ways in which people calculate ratios and then design recipes. However, the most common amongst them to date is scoops per cup. Ideally, there are no international standards for scoops. When I say a scoop it can contain 10 or 12 gms. Now, the only problem here with scoops is that they are volumetric measurements.

This means that they can have massive fluctuations in actual weight depending upon various factors. Hence, using these scoops means some days your coffee is good other days it may be not ( even if you follow the same process) due to the variance.

However, you use a gms per litre, you know that for brewing half a little, you need 60 gms of ground coffee. Typically, an average cup is about 250 ml of brewing about 8 ounces and that scales perfectly.

What is the right amount of coffee per litre of water?

The next question that coffee enthusiasts often asks is what is the right amount of coffee per litre of water?  This is an important point that at times can become a little complicated as there is no correct ratio. This part does not depend on the ratio, but it completely depends on preference.

The ratio of coffee to water you use is gonna determine how strong the end coffee is. It depends on you, as to how strong you like the coffee. There is no perfect answer to this. The amount of water used in coffee making varies from one individual to another.

However, if you want to, you may use 60 gms per litre. It's like a one size fits all thing.  Though most people find this proportion perfect as it gives neutral strength in the final coffee. However, as per your requirement you can go from 60 gms you can either go back to 50-55 gms or you can move towards 65-75 gms.

What's the most complicated factor?

Things that we listed above are still pretty easy to sort out. However, the most complicated part of the coffee world is extraction. In-ground coffee, approx a third of it is soluble material which means it can be dissolved in water. Two-thirds of it is pretty much insoluble. But you don't want everything which is soluble from the coffee. The only portion required is 20% of the soluble part.

If you can do a good job brewing the coffee, you will get a nice coffee with great strength. But on the contrary, if you fail that 60 gms litre would produce a weak cup. So, while trying your hands at this ratio thing make sure you do strike a balance at that ratio where you make the coffee delicious, fresh and stronger.


Coffee brewing can be a tedious job, but not if you already know the right amount of ratio to be used.

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