Instant Filter Coffee 100 G - Evora Greens
Instant Filter Coffee 100 G - Evora Greens
Instant Filter Coffee 100 G
Instant Filter Coffee 100 G
Instant Filter Coffee 100 G

Instant Filter Coffee 100 G

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    A perfect blend of coffee beans and chicory, this is a perfect option for strong and lush coffee experience. This instant filter coffee is ready to blend directly out of the packet. So, just mix some hot milk/water and sugar (as per your choice) to enjoy a cup of deliciously aromatic coffee and it will wake you up. Taste so authentic, it will take you to south India!

    Coffee Powder (70%), Chicory (30%)


    Why you should upgrade your daily cup of coffee

    Beans Grade AA Grade A GRADE
    Beans Type Arabica Mix
    Health Benefits YES NO
    Freshness Indian Origin Coffee Internationally Sourced
    Aroma ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️


    100% AA Grade Arabica & Robusta Beans

    Cultivated in Chikmagalur, our coffee delivers a sip of bold, robust flavour with every cup, crafted from the finest beans.


    Expertly roasted to hit that sweet spot, our beans unlock a symphony of flavors for your palate's pleasure.

    Evora's delight, makes mornings bright.


    Evora Greens coffee stands out due to our commitment to quality, sustainability, and unique blends. We source the finest beans and combine them with natural flavours to create a coffee experience that's not just about caffeine, but a journey of taste and aroma.

    Our coffee beans are ethically sourced directly from farmers in Chikmagalur. We ensure that every bean is sustainably harvested, supporting both the environment and the hardworking farmers.

    To keep your Evora Greens coffee fresh, store it in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and moisture. An airtight container is ideal to preserve its flavor and aroma.

    Absolutely! Evora Greens offers a variety of flavored coffee options, including Vanilla, Mocha, and Turmeric latte, among others. Each flavor is carefully crafted to enhance your coffee experience.

    No, all you need is a cup filled with hot water and our instant coffee.

    You can make 1 strong cup of coffee with 1 G of coffee powder.

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