Mocha Cold Brew Coffee (3 Bean Bags) - Evora Greens
Mocha Cold Brew Coffee (3 Bean Bags) - Evora Greens
Mocha Cold Brew Coffee (3 Bean Bags) - Evora Greens

Mocha Cold Brew Coffee (3 Bean Bags)

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Make your delish meals more enjoyable with cold mocha coffee by Evora Greens. The ever-increasing love for this coffee is due to its formation. We have handpicked the best coffee beans and selected the most flavourful cocoa beans to brew it. Every time you drink it, it will taste fresh. Pick your favourite munchies and enjoy them with this fresh cold brew.

    Roasted Coffee, Cocoa Powder

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    High-Quality Ingredients

    We source premium AA-Grade Arabica beans from chikmagalur, ensuring a rich and flavourful coffee experience.

    Crafted For You

    Our coffee blend is like no other, with a flavor profile that will delight and amaze your taste buds.

    Convenient Brewing

    Enjoy coffee made effortless! We delivers hassle-free brewing options for coffee lovers like you.


    Why you should upgrade your daily cup of coffee

    Beans Grade AA Grade A GRADE
    Beans Type Arabica Mix
    Health Benefits YES NO
    Freshness Indian Origin Coffee Internationally Sourced
    Aroma ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️

    Lesson of The Day!

    You dont have to be an expert to brew a perfect cup of coffee. All you need is Evora for your Cafe like Coffee.

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    Cold Brew Coffee

    What is Cold Brew Coffee?
    Cold Brew Coffee is a coffee that is brewed in cold water for around 12-24 Hours. It is smoother, bolder, and less acidic as compared to your traditional brew.
    Do you need any equipment to make Evora Greens Cold Brew Coffee?
    No, all you need is a jug filled with cold water and our bean bag.
    How many cups can we make from the Cold Brew Bag?
    You can make around 3-5 glasses of Cold Brew Coffee.
    How long does the Cold Brew Coffee Lasts in the refrigerator?
    Our brew can last upto 1 week if kept in a refrigerator.
    How long do I need to brew the Cold Brew Coffee?
    You can brew for around 12-24 Hours. The longer you brew it, the stronger it gets.


    I received my order, but it was incorrect/ damaged what should I do?
    Email us at and we will try to solve it as soon as possible.
    I want to cancel/change my order. What should I do?
    You can cancel/change your order by email us at
    I want to exchange?
    Unfortunately, we don’t allow any exchanges.
    How long will it take to receive my order?
    We usually dispatch it in 24 Hours and try to deliver it within 3-5 days.